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A Crack in the Wall

September 2018

A Crack in the Wall is a book marking the 30th Anniversary of LifeLines, a UK based charity whose members correspond with people on death row. The book, which is a compilation of writings by people on death row in the US and their pen friends and also past speakers.



    My Type on Paper | Paolo’s Story

    ​​While most LifeLines friendships take place via letter or email, sometimes over the phone, occasionally members choose to visit their penfriend.

    Paola and Billy started writing to each other in 2021. Billy had been on death row for 27 years, and with no family and very few friends he was keen to have a friendship. In 2023 Paola took a big step and made the long journey to visit Billy in prison in the US. This is their story.

    Film by Sarah Fox, made with Billy’s approval.

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